Session at Innov8 in Las Vegas, Thur, Nov 16, 6-7:30PM, Palma Room

The NCTM Innov8 Conference in Las Vegas from Nov 16-17, 2017, will host a “pop-up” session to specifically address the #IStandWithRochelle movement. Rochelle Gutiérrez, Brian Lawler, and Theodore Chao are scheduled to facilitate this session.

“Negotiating the Politics of Mathematics Education”

Thursday, Nov 16, 6-7:30PM, Palma Room

When our pedagogy or scholarship involves challenging the status quo, especially on behalf of historically marginalized students, some people will go to extreme measures to silence us. This session will consider how the recent attack on me could happen to any one of us. Come discuss politically charged initiatives that you hope to take on in your school and learn useful strategies for organizing with others, productively responding to backlash, the importance of self care, and setting up conditions to help prevent/diminish the impact of such attacks. Leave with action items for you and your team, or for the organizations of which you are members.