Letter of Support from Dr. Mary Q. Foote for Dr. Laurie Rubel

To: Dean April Whately Beford

Re: Professor Laurie Rubel

Dear Dean Bedford

I am writing to express my support for Professor Laurie Rubel and her scholarship in the wake of the criticisms to which both she and her scholarship have recently been subjected. I have long admired and used Dr. Rubel’s work. She has raised and continues to raise important issues for us all to think about in mathematics education and education more broadly. Although I agree with the points that Dr. Rubel makes in her article, “Equity-Directed Instructional Practices: Beyond the Dominant Perspective” in volume 10, number 2 of the Journal of Urban Mathematics Education, it is possible that other scholarly minds may disagree. This is the nature of the academic conversation, that a variety of points of view are presented for consideration; Dr. Rubel’s points are important ones that balance ideas expressed by others.

What is distressing is the misrepresentation of her work in some of the media and most especially the deeply racist comments that have been aimed at her personally. This is something that all of us as members of the CUNY community, as academics more broadly, and as citizens of the United States should soundly deplore. Our voices need to be raised to address this racism and unjust, uninformed criticism.

Most sincerely,

Mary Q. Foote, PhD

Professor Emerita

Queens College, CUNY