Letter of Support from Dr. Megan Franke for Dr. Laurie Rubel’s work

Dear Laurie,

I am so sorry to hear about the unfounded and frankly ugly attacks on your work. As I hope you know I have read, and reread over time much of your research including now the piece in JUME being challenged. I have always had and continue to have great respect for the quality and care of your research: the careful grounding in a broad research base, the theoretical depth that is clear throughout all aspects of your study, the smart use of methods, and the care you take in drawing conclusions. While the public, and the broader education community will always have disagreements it is unfortunate that these attacks on your work are not about understanding your study or the details of your findings but seem only an attack on particular words (and the ideas they represent) that you have chosen to use. These attacks show how important your work is to our ongoing conversations and study in the field of mathematics education.
I am happy to stand and support your research in any way that I can.

With great respect,

Megan Franke
Professor, Education