Statement of Support from Brooklyn College

Statement of Support for Professor Laurie Rubel 

We in the School of Education at Brooklyn College want to make crystal clear our wholehearted support for our colleague, Professor Laurie Rubel. The uninformed, vicious attacks on Professor Rubel that are being spread on TV and social media not only smack of the 1933 book burnings carried out by Nazi thugs but also remind us of how ignorant and dangerous the on-going right-wing attacks on academics around the country can be. In the guise of fighting political correctness, the trolls and the media pundits who spread misinformation are working to undermine the values that U.S. citizens should hold dear. These values include intolerance for racism, sexism, antisemitism, homophobia, and all forms of bias.

We find it shameful that these critics of Professor Rubel didn’t take the time to engage her article or her research. Even a casual review of the stories broadcast by conservative media outlets in recent days, such as FOX, Breitbart, Campus Reform and the Daily Mail, reveals the fact that those attacking Professor Rubel have yet to read, let alone understand, her work.  Had they done so, they would have found a professor working hard to find ways to teach math to students of color in historically marginalized, racially segregated schools.  They would have also discovered the presentation of a deeply moral mathematics pedagogy.

Like all of us in the School of Education, Professor Rubel is deeply committed to anti-racist education and to valuing the experiences and insights of the students she teaches. She has been a superb high school teacher and is a nationally renowned Fulbright scholar and a celebrated professor. We are proud to be her colleagues. We are grateful to be a part of a college community that stands in solidarity with Professor Rubel’s commitment to social justice and to our professional ethical standards and values.  We believe that academic freedom is essential for a working democracy and we redouble our commitment to write and teach what our research and scholarship shows us to be the truth, even, and especially, when this truth is not what those in power want to hear. We encourage educators across the country and around the world to learn from Professor Rubel’s work. We are disappointed in those who attack her without taking the time to read her article and engage in a reasoned discussion of her thoughtful research. And we are sickened by those who once again are lighting fires and whose ugly sneers are visible in the glare of the flames.

Department of Early Childhood and Art Education

Professor Mary DeBey, Early Childhood Education

Professor Beth R. Ferholt, Early Childhood Education

Professor Mark D. Lauterbach, Early Childhood Education

Professor Xia Li, Early Childhood Education

Professor Linda L. Louis, Art Education

Professor Karen E. McFadden, Early Childhood Education

Professor Katharine Pace Miles, Early Childhood Education

Professor Jacqueline Shannon (Chair), Early Childhood Education

Professor Lulu Song, Early Childhood Education


Department of Childhood, Bilingual and Special Education (CBSE)

Professor Laura Ascenzi-Moreno  Childhood Bilingual Education

Professor Ginny Dembek, Special Education

Professor Candida Brooks-Harrison, Special Education

Professor Hanna Haydar, Childhood Mathematics Education

Professor Wen Song Hwu, Childhood Education

Professor Meral Kaya   Childhood Education

Professor Yoon-Joo Lee (Chair), Special Education

Professor Alma Rubal Lopez, Childhood Education

Professor Wayne Reed, Childhood Education

Professor Karel Rose, Childhood Education


Department of Secondary Education
Professor Konstantinos Alexakos, Science Education
Professor Eleanor Miele, Science Education
Professor Michael Meagher (Chair) Math Education
Professor Sonia Murrow, Social Studies Education
Professor Priya Parmar, English Education
Professor Peter Taubman, English Education
Professor Betina Zolkower, Math Education


Department of School Psychology, Counseling, and Leadership (SPCL)

Professor David Bloomfield, Educational Leadership

Professor Alberto Bursztyn, School Psychology

Professor Eliza A. Dragowski, School Psychology

Professor Charles C. Edwards, School Counseling

Professor Graciela Elizalde-Utnick, School Psychology/School Counseling

Professor David Forbes, School Counseling

Professor Anna Jankowska, School Counseling

Professor Carol Korn-Bursztyn, School Psychology

Professor Paul McCabe, School Psychology

Professor Florence Rubinson (Chair), School Psychology

Professor María R. Scharrón-del Río, School Counseling