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Dear Dr. Rubel,

We are sorry that you are being attacked for your work on equity in mathematics education.  As leaders in the field of mathematics education research, we stand with you, and we stand by our recent statement about the importance of critical scholars and their contributions to our field (  In particular, we highlight the following excerpt, which is particularly relevant in this situation:

“The bylaws for our SIG state: ‘The purpose of SIG/RME is to promote and to disseminate research, development, and evaluative efforts in mathematics education, and to promote and encourage scholarly and productive exchanges among members of all the constituencies that affect, or are affected by, research on the learning and teaching of mathematics.’  Academic freedom is essential to our purpose. Critical scholarship, which interrogates the social relations and power dynamics that are inextricably intertwined with mathematics education, is essential to our purpose.”


The Executive Board of the Research in Mathematics Education Special Interest Group of the American Educational Research Association

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Sarah Lubienski, Co-chair

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